Foxtel IQ2 Upgrade

Anyone who has an IQ2 may have noticed two new features as far as recording programs go. First allows you to instantly extend a planned recording 20 minutes past its finish time, and shows on the screen as an “R+” for the show you chose only. This is particular useful for ch 7 and 9 who regularly run late on weeknights, without having to set ALL programs to record 10 minutes past their finishing time.

Previously, without manually programming the IQ2, you could only set overrun recording to 10 minutes, and it was a global setting for all recordings. Generally, its not really a big deal, but as most Foxtel programs run exactly to time, having the extra 10 minutes at the end of everything both uses space unnecessarily and becomes annoying when you organise a playlist – a playlist allows you to chose  numerous programs to play one after the other without user intervention.

The other feature, is that a recording will be set to start playing at the actual start time of a show. What this means, is that, if you have set your IQ2 to start recording 5 minutes early in case a show starts early, you do not have to fast forward through these 5 minutes of recording to get to the start of a show if it started on time. Of course, if a show starts early, you simply rewind back a little to find the real start. Again, these problems of programs not starting when advertised really only happen on free to air, as 99% of all programs on Foxtel start and finish on time.

On my IQ2, the series link feature rarely seems to work. I am not sure what the trick is here, but, for most shows, despite selecting series link, it is rare to get the next occurrence of the program in the recording list. Daily shows like Ellen, Jeopardy, the View, Jay Leno never work on series link – and its the daily shows you’d want to link more than anything so you don’t have to keep programming all the time. Hope I can update this post saying I have found the answer or had it fixed, but time will tell.

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