ONE HD Newcastle From July 2

*** Uodated June 16 2009 ***

Regional television viewers can rejoice and finally join their capital city friends as regional affiliate of Network Ten Southern Cross Ten will begin transmission of 24 hour sports channel One HD from July 2. Viewers who already receive a high definition signal from the broadcaster in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT will start to see One HD from July 2 and can find the channel on Channel 50.
 Channel 50 has been updated to indicate that the service will commence at 7pm on July 2.


*** Update June 1 2009 ***

An announcement as to when Southern Cross Ten will launch the 24-hour sports channel One HD is expected within a fortnight as the channel finalises testing.

Southern Cross Ten COO Greg Dodson has told the Canberra Times that final testing is underway and the slideshow is ready for the official launch, but when pushed for a date:

“While I can’t give a firm date, we are so close to getting that date and we reckon people in Canberra will be viewing One [HD] around the middle of year.”

Dodson did confirm though that a launch date will be announced in less than two weeks and that the broadcaster had spent more then $10million on the infrastructure that will make carrying the station possible.
Meanwhile, tomorrow sees the commencement of SBS TWO which will replace the SBS World News Channel.
During the day, SBS TWO will continue to carry news in languages other than English, while at night will carry a mixture of repeats and new programming.   Later this year SBS TWO will also carry coverage of both the Ashes cricket and Tour de France cycling.
Source: Media Spy

I noticed alot of searches within my blog relating to ONE HD Newcastle. If you are in Newcastle, you cannot receive ONE HD. Same with Wollongong.

If you live on the southern side of Newcastle, and try pointing your TV aerial to Wyong, then, in theory, you might be able to receive all of the channels transmitted out of the Wyong transmitter including all of Sydneys’ TV channels and ONE HD via channel 10 Sydney. Whether this works or not will depend on your area. That’s about as good as its going to get, until SC10 come to the party and broadcast ONE.

In fact, the combined area of Newcastle and Central Coast represent a population base of just under 500,000 which is half the size of Adelaide so I cannot understand why SC10 have not committed to broadcasting ONE in Newcastle. See previous posts for more about the regional fiasco with ONE.

Similarly, in Wollongong, in some areas you might be able to pick up ONE but, again, that will depend on where you are and pointing your aerial to Sydney. From past experience, the geography between the two cities would mean only those high up would have a hope.

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