Daylight Saving Finishes Too Late

Why do we still have daylight saving in April? The sunrise, at the moment, with daylight saving added is later than it is in the middle of winter. In Sydney today (April 3), sunrise is 7.08am and sunset 6.48pm. Surely any benefit gained economically by having daylight for an extra hour at the end of the day is lost by the fact that alot of workers are now up in the morning in the dark.

Clearly, daylight saving makes sense in the middle of summer when what would be a 4.37am sunrise becomes 5.37, and the sunset moves from 7 to 8pm. Very few people benefit from sunlight before 5am, but many people benefit from sunlight after 7pm.

But there is clearly a time when it is causing the sunrise to be too late – and this is now. Ideally, it should finish on the second last Sunday in March before the sunrise gets too close to 7am. And, same goes for the start of daylight saving. It used to start too late at the end of October, when the sunrise was about 5am – which is much earlier than the earliest sunrise (with daylight saving added) in December of 5.37am. Now, daylight saving starts on the 1st Sunday in October – which is a much more sensible time. The sunrise then is about 5.45 which becomes 6.45 when the clocks are moved forward. The sunset then is around about 6pm, becoming 7pm.

There just needs to be more thought put into the timing of daylight saving. To me, once the days are shorter than the nights, there is no benefit. To that end, I don’t understand why in the USA they now have daylight saving for 8 months of the year – starting mid March, and finishing mid November. Most of the country is further north of the equator than we are south so I imagine the specific circumstances are much different. But I can also see that somewhere like LA which is at a similar latitude to Sydney, would have days with sunrise times close to 8am in Novemeber, with sunset around 6pm (with daylight saving added) – what would be the point in that. Go to work and school in the dark! Come home when the sun is setting.

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