Hot Seat Runs Cold 2

After watching the 2nd episode of the show last night, I was disgusted that a contestant who had sat there and contributed nothing to the whole show except for answering one question at the end could walk away with $50,000 yet the guy who answered the most questions, and had the sense to pass to the next contestant, ended up with nothing.

If the makers of the show had put some thought into it, they would have realised that this sort of thing would happen and that it really does not make for good television. Game shows traditionally will rate well when viewers see a contestant having a go and being rewarded for their knowledge or performance. Episodes of Temptation, and going back further in time, Sale of the Century, would get their best ratings when the champ was going for the lot – that is, all the prizes.

This format of Millionaire with the idea of passing to the next contestant has no incentive built into it for any of the contestants to work with the team to keep the highest prize alive. As we saw on Mondays’ episode, contestants will guess rather than passing which lowers the final prize for the final contestant.

In my opinion, they should have stuck with traditional Millionaire format. Three lifelines, 2 safe levels, and one contestant in the hotseat decided by fastest finger first. And make it fast like in the US.

But, if you are going to do a show where you have multiple contestants that can come into the hot seat when one passes, why not make there be an incentive for all the contestants to answer correctly? All they would have to do is make it so the share of cash at the end was shared between all of the contestants who had either answered a question correctly or passed to the next one. Only those who answered incorrectly would not be part of the final prize. This would eliminate the possibility of one person, who had been doing nothing through the whole show, walk away with $50,000 for answering one question. While the guy who answered the most questions. did nothing. There’s just no incentive there and its not good television.

The only risk with including contestants who passed was you may have to have a rule built in where they must answer at least one question correctly other than the one that got passed to them, otherwise thay could simply opt just to pass themselves as well and hope to stay in the game.

And my final word on this show: I think I have said enough here and on other blogs about it! If the contestant says the answer is A and to lock it in Eddy, why the hell does Eddy have to go are you sure? final answer? how di you get to that conclusion? This is the most frustrating thing with Eddy doing Millionaire in any format. If the contestant has locked the answer in, that should be it. No doubts, no questions, etc. You don’t see Andrew on Deal, after the contestant has said Deal (or no deal) asking if they are sure, or want to change their mind, etc – he does sometimes, but not to the extent Eddy does on Millionaire or Hot Seat.

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