Please TEN – Stop these ongoing I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Simulcasts on ONE

For weeks now, I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here has been simulcast on ONE on every night that it airs. On Sunday nights, there is also a simulcast on ELEVEN.

As a result, regular ONE programming is out – one stand out example is White Collar – which is scheduled to air on ONE Wednesday nights at 7.30pm – but has not aired now for three weeks due to the TEN simulcast.

To make matters worse, the EPG does not always reflect that I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here is going to air on ONE – thereby infuriating viewers who tune in or plan to record the show they would like to see at that time.

The philosophy behind the simulcasts is generally along the lines that the show will pick up extra viewers from airing on an extra channel (or two).

In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

Think of it this way – say you are a White Collar fan – and you tune into ONE at 7.30 to watch it. You find at 7.30 that a simulcast is airing instead. What do you do? Stay on the channel and watch I’m A Celeb? Definitely not.

If you had intended to watch I’m A Celeb, you would have already gone over to TEN. You are also now going to be annoyed that the show you want to watch is not on. You leave the channel and most likely the network and end up watching something else. You then may be reluctant to return next time.

Two White Collar fans I know have already had enough. They have done the right thing and waited patiently for ONE to air the so far unaired episodes. They were annoyed with the first simulcast but hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

The following week they returned to ONE only to find White Collar was not again. They decided to obtain the show by “other means” as it aired in the US so long ago. They successfully watched the remaining White Collar episodes and will now no longer need to go to ONE to watch them.

Two less viewers for ONE now – there would surely me many others.

In terms of ratings, TEN are losing around 5% of their nightly audience as a result. The shares for ONE on simulcast nights are usually around 1.5-2.0% whereas prior to the simulcasts the channel was generally achieving 2.5-3.0% or even higher.

The simulcast is causing a drop for of 1% in ONE’s shares – and for what? There is no increase to TEN as a result. A drop of 1% in channel shares – when the overall network is only reaching around 17% is more than a 5% decrease in viewers.

TEN as a result of the simulcast are missing out on all these extra viewers who would normally be on ONE at 7.30pm – many of which are looking for alternatives other than the nightly reality shows.

Looking at multi channel ratings, 7.30-9.30 is generally peak viewing time – most shows in the multi channel top 20 for ratings (once you exclude ABC4kids) air within these two hours. TEN’s simulcast wipes out between half and three quarters of this time by effectively giving ONE zero ratings during the simulcast.

A drop in 5% on overall viewers would surely also mean s drop of 5% in revenue? I can’t understand why TEN can’t see this?

To add insult to injury here, I’m A Celeb isn’t even made in HD. What airs on ONE looks no different to what airs on TEN or ELEVEN on Sunday nights.

A ONE simulcast might have been a good idea if they were doing it live to all markets – Queensland could watch live at 6.30pm if they wanted to.

People watch shows they want to – it is content that drives ratings – not the number of channels it airs on.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here would rate the same as it does now if it only aired on the one channel – TEN. Same goes for Family Feud.

As the lowest performing commercial network, can TEN really afford to be throwing away viewers by simulcasting on multi channels?

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