Where’s my Seven HD in Sydney?

It’s almost a year since Nine went HD, Ten followed in March, while SBS has remained as the only “main” channel to have been HD right through the addition of digital channels. Meanwhile ABC will have their main channel in HD by the end of the year.

But Seven ended up with a convoluted situation for their HD channel dictated by AFL being in HD. Seven’s main channel is in HD in Melbourne and Adelaide while in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth the Seven network’s HD channel is 7mate – on channel 70 and called “7HD”. Quite misleading!

The AFL season finished a month ago yet we still have 7HD being 7mate HD in Sydney (and Brisbane and Perth). During the Olympics, we all had main channel Seven in HD but it reverted back to 7mate once the Olympics were over.

While I appreciate watching some 7mate content in HD, Seven main not being in HD puts it behind Nine, Ten and SBS and soon ABC in not offering the main channel in HD in all markets.

So why aren’t Seven giving all markets their main channel in HD? For some of us, the Melbourne Cup was live and blurry in standard definition while the HD channel was airing obscure 7mate daytime content.

With no AFL until late March, Seven’s main channel should now be in HD in all of the five capital city markets.

Even when AFL does start up again in 2017, there is no real technical reason why the main channel can’t be in HD with HD coverage switching to 7mate when AFL games are played. Maybe its the complication that technically this would make Seven’s HD channel a new channel needing its own EPG to reflect the HD switched to AFL in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Surely this is something easy to achieve.

In the meantime, is Sydney, we endure Seven’s main channel in standard definition…


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