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Hot Seat Runs Cold 2

After watching the 2nd episode of the show last night, I was disgusted that a contestant who had sat there and contributed nothing to the whole show except for answering one question at the end could walk away with $50,000 yet the guy who answered the most questions, and had the sense to pass to the next contestant, ended up with nothing.

If the makers of the show had put some thought into it, they would have realised that this sort of thing would happen and that it really does not make for good television. Game shows traditionally will rate well when viewers see a contestant having a go and being rewarded for their knowledge or performance. Episodes of Temptation, and going back further in time, Sale of the Century, would get their best ratings when the champ was going for the lot – that is, all the prizes.

This format of Millionaire with the idea of passing to the next contestant has no incentive built into it for any of the contestants to work with the team to keep the highest prize alive. As we saw on Mondays’ episode, contestants will guess rather than passing which lowers the final prize for the final contestant.

In my opinion, they should have stuck with traditional Millionaire format. Three lifelines, 2 safe levels, and one contestant in the hotseat decided by fastest finger first. And make it fast like in the US.

But, if you are going to do a show where you have multiple contestants that can come into the hot seat when one passes, why not make there be an incentive for all the contestants to answer correctly? All they would have to do is make it so the share of cash at the end was shared between all of the contestants who had either answered a question correctly or passed to the next one. Only those who answered incorrectly would not be part of the final prize. This would eliminate the possibility of one person, who had been doing nothing through the whole show, walk away with $50,000 for answering one question. While the guy who answered the most questions. did nothing. There’s just no incentive there and its not good television.

The only risk with including contestants who passed was you may have to have a rule built in where they must answer at least one question correctly other than the one that got passed to them, otherwise thay could simply opt just to pass themselves as well and hope to stay in the game.

And my final word on this show: I think I have said enough here and on other blogs about it! If the contestant says the answer is A and to lock it in Eddy, why the hell does Eddy have to go are you sure? final answer? how di you get to that conclusion? This is the most frustrating thing with Eddy doing Millionaire in any format. If the contestant has locked the answer in, that should be it. No doubts, no questions, etc. You don’t see Andrew on Deal, after the contestant has said Deal (or no deal) asking if they are sure, or want to change their mind, etc – he does sometimes, but not to the extent Eddy does on Millionaire or Hot Seat.

Hot Seat Runs Cold

Well I gave it a go. Hot Seat on ch 9 last at 5.30 last night. I was still working at 5.30 so ended up recording it and watching it later at 7pm. I was already sceptical of the show given what I had read about the format change.

The first problem with the show was that it started 3 minutes early at 5.27 – exactly the same way that Deal or No Deal does. Now, anyone who watches deal would be well aware of the early start time. Anyone wanting to give Hot Seat a go, would probably have assumed it would start at 5.30 as advertised. But then again, we all know that times on channel 9 can vary by 5 minutes either way. Nevertheless, starting early would have been a great way to lose a number of the viewers who tuned in late and did not know the rules explained in the first minutes.

The show has 15 questions. A contestant is able to pass to the next contestant if they do not know the answer. The contestant passed to cannot pass again and must answer the question. There are 6 contestants to start with. If a contestant gets a question wrong, then they are out completely, and the maximum possible prize reduces by 1 level. A new question of equal value is asked. The contestant left in the hot seat at the end wins the money provided they answer the questions correctly.

This format is fundamentally flawed. As we saw on the first show last night, a contestant will be more likely to guess an answer in the hope they may get it right and move to the next question rather than pass to to the next contestant. One of them last night even suggested they were not concerned about the final value of the final question and would guess rather than pass in case they did get it right. hat did work for one contestant, but not for long.

The other problem with this format is strategies instead of focusing on getting the questions right. The lady who was the first contestant with the first and easiest question opted to pass in the hope she would get back into the hot seat near the end after the other 6 contestants rather than answer the question. The result was, and lucky for her, that she did end up in the hot seat at the end and did walk away with $20,000. This reminds me a little of the weakest link where contestants would opt to eliminate the strongest players so that there chances of not being eliminated would be higher, rather than keeping in the strong players to help build the cash in later rounds.

The only way this show will give away $1 million will be if one contestant knows all the questions, or one that is passed ot early in the game can also answer the remaining questions.

But what if there is a group of contestants where they all get questions wrong, leaving noone in the hot seat? The show would surely finish early leaving Eddy to fill in time some how? I wonder what the show’s contingency is for this.

I love question and answer style game shows. But it is questions and answers I want to see. I don’t want to hear the life story of each contestant. I don’t want the host to try and talk contestants in or out of answers. I don’t want the host to try and be funny or something he is not. I don’t want the contestant sitting there soaking up their allocated time explaining how an experience in his life has lead to the answer he is going to give for that particular question. This, of course, was a much bigger problem in the standard format of Who Wants to be a Millionaire which had unlimited time for contestants to answer and they would go on, and on, and on. There was one one hour episode I remember once which only had 4 questions as the contestant took so long to get through them, and Eddy kept on going to breaks everytime an answer had been locked in before the answer was revealed.

Anyone who has seen the American version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire will know how fast paced the sahow can be. It is in the traditional Millionaire format, with the 3 life linesa we have all grown to love. Yet, on their half hour show, they can usually get through 2 contestants with each reaching 64 or 125 thousand dollars (thats 3 questions short of the million in the traditional format).

I cannot understand why we can’t do that here. Maybe it is just that Eddy has to talk and can’t help himself? I think he is OK as a host but really needs to stop talking so much to both the contestants and the audience. I really don’t think we need to know much more about a contestant other than their name and a basic interest or 2.

If you consider how many questions are in the show, hot seat has only 15. Temptation used to have around 40 – 50, the old Millionaire as low as 4 in one hour. But in the US, the American version of Millionaire nearly 30 questions, and the best of them all – Jeopardy has 61 questions. And Jeopardy is only 16 minutes once you fast forward the ads and the two minutes of getting to know the contestants.

Anyway, in my opinion, the show won’t work. Its not fast enough, not interesting enough and there’s too much Eddy talk. Even if it was at 7pm, which I initially thought would have been a good idea, I don’t think it would have done much better than 2.5 Men currently does. I think the ratings will only go down, not up.

Expect to see ch 9 do some sort of promo and competition to try and lure viewers with home viewers prizes.

Such a shame so little thought goes into game shows these days. The reason noone wants to watch them anymore is they are not what they used to be. Who wants to see a show where a contestant would rather get the answer wrong than play on with the chance to win more? And who want to hear more about the contestants life than the participation in the show?

FYI: I’ll be recording Hot Seat, but only to see the questions and answers. The talk and the ads will be fast forwarded through. Should only take 10 minutes to watch doing that. Temptation used to be only 15 minutes to watch by recording and playing back on the same basis.