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We Love Our Free TV

As part of the new FreeView campaign, the phrase “we love our free TV” is used. There isn’t much to love about free TV these days, especially where channel 9 is concerned but it never used to be this way. With 9 offereing more 20-1 than ever, I thought I’d make my own 20-1 list based on what we used to love about our free TV – mind you, 20 years ago, Free TV was the only option other than hiring movies on VHS video. Considering free TV is no longer the only option, I would have thought they would have improved as opposed to declined.

20. Adults Only was known as AO – a rating, not part of the title. 

19. Overnight you could watch news, music or old movies – no infomercials

18. Kids TV in the afternoon, sometimes till 5.30

17. There were no subscription mobile ads (and of course, no mobile phones, well at least not one smaller than a house brick)

16. Cartoons in the morning

15. Programs to watch between 9am and 11am other than talk morning shows

14. No trashy shows ever. Swearing was for the most part not allowed either (we all remember Kerry Packer ordering the Doug Mulray video show off back in the 90’s)

13. Stereo simulcasts on Fm radio for major movies like Star Wars (and I in fact connected extra speakers to my radio to make my own surround sound in 1986)

12. Timeslot changes and axings were rare and hardly ever happened the way it does now. Shows almost always remained on for their full season.

11. Reliable printed TV guides

10. The nightly current affairs shows once featured quality stories.

9. More Australian shows were on TV

8. Unmissable TV shows like Prisoner

7. Channel 9 news was the only news worth watching

6. Game shows were entertaining and watchable

5. Eddy McGuire was at home watching TV and noone knew who he was

4. 60 Minutes had hard hitting, quality stories

3. If a show was advertised as starting at 8.30, at worst, it would start at 8.31. Never 8.37 or later.

2. The first to TV Sunday night movie

1. Channel 9 always winning the ratings and known as “still the one”

And more: lets not forget those Demtel ads with the catch phrase “but wait … there’s more… ” and K-Tel selling vinyl record holders, and even records including Kamahl. And you might even get a set of free steak knives. There was still summer TV though.  But back then, way before email, mobile phones, SMS, my space, facebook and twitter, you would actually spend time with people and less time in front of the TV, your phone or computer.

Twittering Madness

If you watch any of the American talk shows, you’ll see they are all going on about Twitter – which is essentially nothing more than the “what are you doing now” section of Facebook. Celebrities are using the medium as a fast way to keep their fans up to date. Businesses are starting to use Twitter as a way to keep their customers up to date.

Unlike Facebook, blogs, websites and emails, it is incredibly fast to put a message out as long as it is less than 140 characters. You can do it on line or on your mobile phone provided you get the application. Just a few days ago, Ashton Kultcher became the first Twitterer to reach 1 million followers. Followers are other Twitterers who have clicked that they will follow your Twitter to get your updates. Shortly after that, CNN became the next to 1 million. As of today, Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres reached one million as well.

Twitter is exploding now as we speak. Just now, I was updating Lightsounds’ Twitter and thought I might search for a few of our brands to follow. So far, none of them are there other than Pioneer Pro DJ. But just as I was doing that, I received a message saying Twitter was overloaded and exceeded capacity and told me to try again soon. No doubt all this publicity is now attracting millions of people to it.

But how far will Twitter go? It has been hailed as the Facebook of 2009. When Facebook started it too suffered an explosion of users yet its creators made no money. So they brought in ads. The same will happen with Twitter. Soon we will see ads on Twitter similar to facebook and ran like google with pay per view or pay per click advertising. Currently, advertising is from user to user and only seen by ones followers. A business would hope to get alot of their customers following so they could keep them up to date.

But this popularity will also bring scams to Twitter. Already on one of my personal Twitter accounts I have received Tweets that promise to get me thousands of followers if I join their program, which I would have to pay for. It promises that I can earn money by referring to others by Twitter or otherwise. There are thousands of so-called fast money making schemes already on the internet, and Twitter will just be another platform to lure unsuspecting internet users in.

These schemes promise you wealth from asking you to join their “business plan” which you have to pay for. In return, you get money from referring people, and then get paid commissions. They offer no product and no service other than selling itself to lure more people in. So, yes, you could pay for one of these schemes to get you 20,000 or so followers, but as a business, having 1000’s of followers is not what is important. It is if the followers actually are quality followers that will benefit your business.

Time will tell what will happen with Twitter. This is only the beginning.

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And my own Twitter (may start using more if people follow!): www.twitter.com/asboyden